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Devastating Weather

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Devastating Weather





Weather is a daily curiosity for most students. Can we go on the picnic? Will the snowstorm close school?  Do I need my winter coat or can I wear shorts?  When the weather turns “bad” what are the consequences? What makes weather devastating?  How is devastating defined?  To what extent does weather impact us emotionally, socially, environmentally, and economically?


Phase I—The Plan:

You will be divided into groups. Each group will do the following steps on their wiki page:


Step 1: Brainstorm a list of weather events


Step 2: As a group, decide on the definition of devastating


Step 3: From your list of weather events, select three events that are devastating


Step 4: Predict which of your three is the MOST devastating


Step 5: Write three essential questions that need to be researched in order to determine whish is the most devastating weather phenomena


Record your answers in your group's wiki page. Click on the links below:


Click here for Group One


Click here for Group Two


Click here for Group Three


Click here for Group Four



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